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Size Doctor Penis Enlargement System

Products Information

SizeDoctor is a result of 5 years of Research & Development.
It is the world's best vacuum based extender. SizeDoctor effectively enlarges your penis, glans, cures premature ejaculation treatment, penis tortuosity correction, improve Erection quality.

SizeDoctor is an approved medical device design to solve men's complexes by non-surgical methods. SizeDoctor is a patented and registered medical device without side effects.


Increase your penis size.
SizeDoctor is a Penis Enlargement device. When you wear SizeDoctor penis tissues are stimulated by continuous traction (tension) that cause cells' proliferation.

Increase your glans size.
When blood enters corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum it expands the tissues from inside in a natural way

Cures premature ejaculation.
Strong vacuum pressure (negative pressure) in the tube, causing the glans of the nerve distributes SizeDoctor a continuous and repetitive stimulations.


About Product of SizeDoctor
Background of development

SizeDoctor is an innovative and unique medical product in the world to enlarge penis, improve premature ejaculation, correct curved penis and strengthen erectile function after investing 5 years of research and development.

SizeDocotor was invented based on philosophy to dedicate ourselves for the persons who have sexual complex. 

Disclaimer: Result using this product may vary from person to person

We do guarantee that SizeDoctor is safe medical device having excellent performances without making side-effects, which have been proved by worldwide patents and thousands of consumers’ experiences.

Especially the technology of vacuum suction pressure applied to enlarge girth is unique in the world. You can enjoy your sexual life



1. Penis extender base: Support extension bars.

2. Joint nut:  Connect  base and extension bars. It turns 90 degrees for comfort and mobility.

3. Joint bolts: Connect  base and extension bars. Unscrew joint volt first to connect extension bar.

4. Extension bars: There are 3types of bars as 0.5cm, 2cm and 4cm, with which you can adjust the length of rods.

5. Drawbar: It works to adjust power of springs.

6. Fixing bolt: Connect Drawbar and spring tube.

7. Springs Fixing Bolts: Fix springs and provide constant tension.

8. Springs:  Provide tension (traction) to penis.

9. Safety valve: Maintain constant pressure in vacuum tube and release pressure when needed.

10. Vacuum tube: Expand girth with negative pressure and stimulate cells of girth for growth.

11. Girth fixing band: Maintain pressure in vacuum tube and fix girth.

12. Spring power index : It has 13 levels of spring power so as to adjust as per size of penis.

How To Use The Size Doctor Penis Extender

Disclaimer: Result using this product may vary from person to person

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Size Doctor Penis Enlargement System | Alat Tambah Saiz Zakar

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